General information
These general conditions of sale govern the sale of clothing, perfume and accessory products. Such products shall be offered for sale via the online shop called Marco Simone Golf & Country Club (hereinafter “Products” and “Online Shop”, respectively) which may be reached on (hereinafter the “Website”).
These general conditions of sale exclusively govern the offer, the transmission, the acceptance, the shipment, the purchase method and the right of withdrawal of product purchase orders on the Website between Website users/customers and MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA. These general conditions of sale do not govern the supply of services or the sale of products of other parties that have a presence on the Website in the form of hypertext connections, links or banners.
These general conditions of sale are periodically changed on the basis of market developments and in observance of any updated or amended legislative and regulatory requirements. Every update and/or amendment shall be duly published on the Website and shall become effective as of the date of such publishing.

Seller’s details
All products offered on the Website are sold directly by MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA, with registered office in Roma, via di Marco Simone 84/88, 00012 Guidonia Montecelio.
MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA is the exclusive owner of the Website and of the Online Shop, which it manages exclusively.
Online selling on the MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA Website is aimed exclusively at end customers/users, classifiable as “CONSUMERS”, or rather natural persons acting for purposes that do not fall within their own commercial, industrial, artisan or professional enterprises.

Contract finalization
Purchase contracts that are finalized through the Website are online Purchase contracts between MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA and the customer/user/consumer (hereinafter, “Customer”) and fall within the category of so-called “Distance contracts”.
Purchase contracts between Customers and MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA are deemed to be finalized upon the acceptance, by MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA, of the Customer’s order confirmed by an email (hereinafter, “the acceptance email”) containing the order number, the Customer’s identification details and the shipping details provided by the Customer. The acceptance email shall be sent to the email address provided by the Customer at the time of registration. The truthfulness and correctness of the information contained in the order are the exclusive responsibility of the Customer.
MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA may refuse or, at any rate, not execute, even partially, purchase orders that are incomplete or incorrect. Such non-execution of orders may also occur if Products are unavailable or if orders do not provide sufficient guarantee of solvency or the reliability of the details provided, in light of clear inconsistencies. In such instances MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA shall inform the Customer by email that the contract is not finalized and that the purchase order shall not be executed for the reasons therein specified.
In such instances the Customer shall only have the right to be returned any sum already paid, but no right to damages, indemnification and/or other reimbursement whatsoever and shall hold MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA harmless and indemnified in relation to any contractual or extracontractual liability and the possible direct or indirect damages to persons and/or goods arising as a result of full or partial non-acceptance of an order.

Product information and warranties
All information and notices contained on the labels are written and guaranteed by the manufacturing companies. MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA shall have no responsibility for the information and notices contained on labels.
For any further information in this regard, Customers may send an email to

Product availability
If, after a Customer has sent an Order requesting a purchase, selected Products are not available for any reason, MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA shall immediately notify the Customer and suggest the possibility of purchasing other Products of the same or better standard to the ones requested. If the Customer does not accept the new offer, Customer shall have the right to cancel the Order by sending an email to
If, after having finalized a Contract, ordered Products should not, for whatever reason, be available with the supplier’s stock, the Customer shall have the right to withdraw from the Contract or to ask that delivery be postponed to when such Products are again available with MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA.
In the case of Contract withdrawal for the aforesaid reasons, MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA shall notify Customer of the terms and conditions for repayment of the price amount already paid.

All retail prices include VAT
Retail prices do not include any possible taxes, duties or charges levied by the countries of destination (other than Italy) of the products and/or services. Such costs, which vary from country to country, shall be borne by the Customer, which Customer shall be responsible for ascertaining their amount with customs authorities.
Published prices and offers may vary for different formats. Accordingly, the Company reserves the right to make changes without any prior warning.
If an incorrect price has been published by mistake, the Company reserves the right not to carry through the sale [of that Product].
Prices are subject to updates, so Customers should always ascertain the final selling price before submitting an order.

Terms of payment
Purchases may be made using any of the following forms of payment: Credit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer
Orders are charged to the Customer’s credit card at the time the ordered good is processed.
Customers may cancel an order up until the time in which the order has been confirmed and/or sent.
Credit Card and PayPal transactions are carried out directly on the internet pages of credit card operators or on the PayPal website, without MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA having any possibility to intervene in relation to data transmitted at the time of payment.
MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA shall, upon Customer’s request, provide a consignment note and invoice.

Product returns
Products purchased from our Online Shop may be returned within 30 days of their delivery.
• Ensure products are in the same condition in which they were received, including identifying labels on items, which certify their authenticity and identify the product by means of a barcode.
• Fill in the Return Form that is in your account to receive a Return Number.
• Prepare the package. If the original packaging is no longer usable, use a box of similar size to the original. The return number, together with all the order’s details, must be clearly indicated on the outside of the box that contains the item being returned.
• Write to giving us useful details for collection (place and date). You shall receive a response that includes the destination address of the good and confirmation of the courier’s arrival.
• When the good is received, all checks governed by the condition of sale shall be carried out. If the outcome is positive, an email will confirm acceptance of the returned item and the reimbursement will be approved. This reimbursement shall have the same value date as the date on which the good was charged.
• Shipping charges for returned goods shall be borne by the purchaser.
Customer has the right to provide, or not provide, his/her personal data on orders, forms, chats, desk help services etc. Even partial failure to provide such personal data may entail the absolute impossibility of executing orders and/or fulfilling requirements provided by the law. More information on the processing of data may be found on the Website’s Privacy Policy.

The contents of the website, such as, by way of example but not limited to, images, videos, photographs, dialogues, music, works, sounds, texts and any other material in any other format, including – again by way of example and not limited to – menus, tools, methods, processes, fonts, design work, diagrams, layouts, webpages, graphics, colours, templates, functions, domain and software (individually and/or collectively referred to as “Contents”) and all related distinguishing marks, are protected by copyright and are the exclusive property of MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA. Trademarks and other distinguishing marks of Manufacturing Companies that are mentioned on the Website are owned by their proprietors or owners and may be protected by patents and/or copyrights awarded by or registered with the responsible authorities. Contents may in no manner and/or form, not even partially, be reproduced, distributed, sold, transferred or changed in any way other than specifically governed and provided for. Legal action against any unlawful use may therefore be taken up by MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA.

Governing law
Purchase contracts between Customer and MARCO SIMONE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB SPA are to be understood as finalised in Italy and governed by Italian law.

Complaint and notices
For any complaints or notices please write to:

Court of jurisdiction
If the Customer has carried out a purchase in the capacity of consumer, the Court of Jurisdiction shall be the one of the Customer’s Municipality of residence. In all other cases, territorial competence shall be submitted exclusively to the Court of Rome.